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Industry Awards

Worldstar for paint can

28 Jan 2014


A Worldstar award was give to RinGo? with its ring free construction and 20% material reduction which may offer some sustainability benefits to the paints and coatings market and improved ease of use for the consumer.
The Worldstar Awards are recognised for showcasing the best of the best in new packaging developments on a global stage. [...]


Recycled paint has recycled container

28 Jul 2013

Newlife pic 2

Manufacturer Newlife Paints, prostate cialis whose products are stocked by British DIY retailer B&Q, buy cialis have introduced new packaging which the company claims contains at least 25 percent recycled material whilst the paint inside has up to 90 per cent waste emulsion.
The company says every pail bought prevents up to three [...]


Polish paint producer introduces new line

9 May 2013

sniezka range plastic

Polish paint producer Śnieżka has produced a new product line and new packaging to go with it. The obejective of the packaging was to convey an image of cleanliness, look clarity and modernity.
The white internal emulsion is acryllic and aimed at the economy segment whilst the Energy and Modern brands are for the upper [...]


Paint packaging aimed at female users

19 Apr 2013


A small, discount rectangular plastic container for paint stands out, no rx at least that is the hope of family company V33, sovaldi sale featuring a special technology called naturLAB? and sold exclusively in DIY stores Leroy Merlin.
Yann Garnier, Industrial manager of V33, underlines that when it comes to DIY tasks, women [...]


Lighter paint can comes onto the market

19 Jul 2012


International paint manufacturers Craig and Rose are using a 2.5 litre can for their range of premium paints. The can they have has just come onto the market and its manufactuers claim it is lighter and therefore reduces packaging material.
RinGo® has been designed and produced by metal and glass packaging company Ardagh Group, specifically for the [...]


Paint packaging and logo completely changed to meet market competition

1 Jul 2012

Sniezka_Barwy Natury

The Polish paint brand  Śnieżka has brought out a completely updated range of paint packaging as well as completely changing its logo.  This was clearly brought about in the face of competition.
According to marketing director Tomasz Kosiński, the new packaging is designed to show innovation.
‘In the past few years the market has completely changed. There [...]

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