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Nestle could open new production facilities

15 Dec 2012

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Nestle is reported to be seeking a site for new production facilities in western Poland.  The multinational already has nine factories in Poland manufacturing various products including breakfast cereals, recipe confectionery, desserts, baby food and mineral water.
According to Polish financial daily Puls Biznesu, this plant would be located somewhere between Kalisz, Wrocław and Poznań.
Nestle [...]

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Belarus bans Nesquik

10 Dec 2012


Belarus has banned the sale of chocolate flavour Nesquik following the announcement that samonella could be found in it in the USA.  Nesquik is manufactured by Nestle.
Authorities in Minsk claim that although the product has only be distributed in the USA, advice cheap some of the items could have found their way to [...]


Court rules that only Cadbury’s can wrap chocolate in purple

5 Oct 2012

cadbury bubbly

A colour defines a product even if a major brand thought of it first – at least that is what most of us believe.  There may be thousands of cola producers in the world but nearly all use the colour red whereas any private label stain remover will be in off pink.  Copying the brand [...]