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Aldi private label product reduces packaging weight

7 Apr 2014

mozarella gruppo francia

Italian manufacturer Gruppo Francia has reduced the packaging weight of Aldi?s private label ?Cucina? mozzarella cheese by half in order meet a requirement of the retailer for lighter packaging and a reduced carbon footprint.
The current pot is less than half the weight of its predecessor, recipe meaning a significant reduction of the total costs [...]

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Russian cheese producer upgrades packaging

18 Mar 2013

ish2012.080 PirPack CCW teflon coated   with grated  cheese 2

Bringing its customers the taste and aroma of the finest quality cheeses in convenient ready-to-use formats has underscored the success of cheese packing leader in Russia PiR-PACK ? and the ability to deliver this convenience is thanks in part to the flexibility, viagra sale check reliability and accuracy of an Ishida multihead weigher.
The [...]

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Mozarella being packaged in stay fresh cup

3 Oct 2012


In early August 2012, cheese maker Goldsteig started selling its Bambini Mozzarella product in a stay-fresh cup. What makes the oval-shaped packaging special is the seamless In-Mould Labelling (IML) produced in one simple step. Unlike conventional IML packaging, the cup has a soft contoured underside with the label covering the entire surface. This was previously [...]

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Cheese packaging sought

12 Jul 2012

Belarussian dairy is seeking a packaging supplier for various types of cheese products including ricotta, viagra mascarpone and mozarella.
Seeking easy open solution, viagra PP 110mm, without modified atmosphere.  Print or IML.  Mascarpone may have multicoloured print or IML.
Estimated consumption is around 30,000 pieces of each per month.
Please use contact form.