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Beverage packages: uniqueness counts

25 Mar 2014

big can

?Less is more? is the consumer?s motto when it comes to beverages: less additives and preservatives and zero sugar. With packages the opposite is true, illness for they have to be individually designed, recipe promise product quality and possibly offer extra utility as well. Such consumer behaviour is not exactly kind to the [...]


Sales of bottled water continue to grow in Poland

14 Jun 2013


The mineral water market in Poland is not following that of beer and being dependent on the weather.  Over the past years there has been steady growth despite what the weather and the sporting results were.  The proof of this is to compare 2011 which was a wash out summer with 2010 which was extremely [...]


Nestle could open new production facilities

15 Dec 2012

nestle range

Nestle is reported to be seeking a site for new production facilities in western Poland.  The multinational already has nine factories in Poland manufacturing various products including breakfast cereals, recipe confectionery, desserts, baby food and mineral water.
According to Polish financial daily Puls Biznesu, this plant would be located somewhere between Kalisz, Wrocław and Poznań.
Nestle [...]

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San Benedetto changes labeling process

22 Oct 2012

trasparente2 001

After many years using paper labels, there mineral water San Benedetto has changed to highly transparent self-adhesive labels.  The labels are applied on one-way and returnable bottles of Acqua Minerale San Benedetto Naturale, drugstore Frizzante and Leggermente Frizzante.
Together with the new glass bottle the label with see-through-effect upgrades the product.
The transparent window in the [...]