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Ready meals failing in Poland

11 Mar 2014

frozen pizza

Poland is seeking a fall in the value of processed food and ready meals according to survery company Nielsen.  In the year ending 31 January 2014, purchase sales were down by six percent to PLN350m (EUR85m).
This is completely opposite to what was expected not so long ago.  The Polish market has proved to be [...]

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FDA moves against trans fats

20 Nov 2013


I was delighted to hear that the Food and Drug Administration in the US decided earlier this month to limit the use of partially hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats.  Trans fat is a major cause of heart disease and other ailments and it is difficult to understand why it was not outlawed a long time [...]

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Healthy microwave food option spreads to Japan

10 Oct 2012

121008 Press release New MicVac Customer in Japan.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional

Fujicco Co., Ltd., one of the leading food producers in Japan, has launched products with the MicVac method, into the Japanese market. The new customer is a result of the close cooperation between MicVac and DNP. Fujicco’s brand Oissina! (Tasty!) will provide the Japanese market with a high quality range of complete ready meals.
The chilled [...]

Industry Awards

SteamSolution product line wins gold in Poland

5 Oct 2012

At Taropak 2012, Suedpack Polska has two good reasons to celebrate: The subsidiary of Suedpack Europe AG has just completed its 15th year in the Polish market, and has been awarded the Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair (MTP) for one of its packaging solutions. The award-winning SteamSolution and many other innovations in film packaging [...]

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Quorn launches a new range of ready meals

17 Sep 2012

S&R Foods has started producing a range of meals for Quorn in Tikka Masala and Mexican Chilli varieties using a Swedish packaging technique which is for microwave preparation.
?This innovative food packaging format has both enhanced the quality and the shelf-life of the Quorn ready meals, search whilst remaining free from preservatives. Since launch the [...]


Nordenia opens second plant in North America

4 Jul 2012


By opening the new Hubble Creek plant, NORDENIA USA has nearly doubled its floor space. The specialist for high-quality films and packaging designed the new 17,000-square-meter building, which was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, June 27, to function as a Center of Competence for pre-made packaging. At the beginning of the year, the plant installed a [...]