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Healthcare packaging market worth USD96.2bn

21 Apr 2013

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The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Healthcare packaging is essential for protecting the medicines and medical equipment from contamination from air, recipe moisture and dust. Being a vital industry, ask as emerging economies grow, search demand for healthcare packaging will increase, further strengthening the market. Visiongain [...]


OTC market growing in Poland

11 Sep 2012

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The Over The Counter (OTC) market in Poland is expected to grow at the average annual rate of some 3% in 2012-2014. Although the market will not expand as rapidly as it did in 2011, doctor the OTC segment is poised to record positive growth, unlike the sales of reimbursed drugs. However, the Reimbursement [...]

Industry Awards

Call for entries for Alufoil Trophy 2013

19 Jul 2012

Alufoil reaches every part of the world we live in: packaging or helping with the preparation of the food we eat; protecting the medicines which help to fight disease and illness; in transport to make vehicles more efficient and sustainable; and in buildings to keep us warm, click cool or safe. The Alufoil Trophy [...]


Average Polish household spends EUR37 per month on medicine

5 Jun 2012

The average Polish household spends on medicines PLN 146 (?37) per month, see according to the survey conducted by PMR Research for Pharma Poland News.
One-quarter of households spend up to PLN 50 (?13) on medicines, help for a half of them it is about PLN 100 (?25), cheap while for three-quarters ? [...]