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Russia threatens Poland with embargo of meat and milk products

2 Sep 2013


Russia is threatening to put a complete ban on meat and milk products after a discovery of what was termed ‘large scale fraud’.  The Russian phytosanitary and vetinary organisation claims that meat and cheese were imported into that country with certificates and packaging indicating that they had come from Poland but were in fact from [...]


Increased demand for meat and fish packaging

31 May 2013


Demand for meat, prescription poultry, nurse and seafood packaging is forecast to increase 3.2 percent annually to USD9.7 billion in 2017.  Gains will be driven by increased meat, poultry, and seafood production along with accelerated foodservice revenue increases. Prospects for packaging will further benefit from the significant shift to case-ready packaging among grocery [...]

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Warning that packaged meat can cause cancer

24 May 2013


The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has pointed out to certain risks associated with eating processed meat products due to sodium nitrite, no rx a colour fixer used to turn packaged meats bright so it looks fresh. Unfortunately, sales sodium nitrite also results in the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body [...]

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Nationalism answer to horsemeat labelling problem

26 Feb 2013


Fears of horsemeat labelled as beef continue to hit Europe with products from a number of countries being attacked, cialis especially Romania and Poland.
For the German retailer the Rewe Group the answer is simple.  Resort to nationalism.  It has announced that henceforth it will only use German beef for its private label products at [...]

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Food traceability not yet up to the job

8 Feb 2013


The latest food scandal concerning the contamination of beef with horsemeat shows the importance of traceability in the food industry, treatment according to infomation analyst Sue Clarke.
?Traceability in the food industry has been in force in Europe since 2005, see and this has resulted in much quicker, seek simpler, and cheaper product [...]


Linpac investing in new extrusion facilities

4 Feb 2013

LINtop star2

Linpac Packaging is investing EUR3m on PET extrusion and automation facilities at Ritterhude in Germany as part of a EUR9m investment plan for the company.
The company is attempting to launch a range of rPET products in an effort to convince German customers to change from PP to PET.
Linpac employes 250 people in Germany on two [...]

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