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MAP and CAP markets worth almost USD11bn

20 Jan 2014

ham russia

Although recent economic turmoil has put its stamp over many industries worldwide, malady the MAP & CAP industry continues to be robust and in many countries is expected to exhibit strong growth prospects.
Developed nations are experiencing a saturated state at the moment, advice in terms of MAP & CAP, but this can [...]

Products Needed

Assistance with MAP required

1 Jul 2013

Pakistani company producing curry powders is seeking assistance with modified atmosphere packaging.
Anyone who can give this please write using the contact form.


Increased demand for meat and fish packaging

31 May 2013


Demand for meat, prescription poultry, nurse and seafood packaging is forecast to increase 3.2 percent annually to USD9.7 billion in 2017.  Gains will be driven by increased meat, poultry, and seafood production along with accelerated foodservice revenue increases. Prospects for packaging will further benefit from the significant shift to case-ready packaging among grocery [...]

Food and beverage

The packaging of snacks

15 Feb 2013

Aperitivos - Snacks

Snack products are one of the most popular products in today?s supermarkets, cialis and represent a strong selling item in the store. They can be strategically positioned in the store for quick point of purchase, viagra like end of aisle or check out register to engage impulse buying habits by consumers.
The type and [...]


MAP and CAP business worth over USD10.4bn last year

6 Feb 2013

Papai Hus

A change in consumer trends and a surge in the growth of the emerging markets have created permanent shifts in the packaging market. The consumer is now demanding prolonged shelf life because of issues of cost and waste. The retailers and manufacturers are happy to satisfy this demand through MAP & CAP which provides a [...]

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