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Lightweight plastic bags part of the solution, not the problem

10 Mar 2014

biodegradable bags

With the participation of industry experts, advice look EU policy makers and NGOs, the European Bioplastics high level panel debate on ?A future for lightweight plastic bags in Europe?? reaffirmed that the characteristics and dual use of biodegradable plastic bags makes them a key contributor to enhanced resource efficiency and reduced littering in [...]


Strong growth for food containers in CEE region

3 Mar 2014


World demand for food containers is forecast to increase 4.5 percent annually to USD139 billion in 2017.  Demand increases will be especially noteworthy in the emerging markets of Central and South America, malady Eastern Europe, hospital the Africa/Mideast region, view and the Asia/Pacific region. 
Freedonia analyst Joe Pryweller predicts, ?Food container demand will [...]


Protective packaging market worth USD24.5bn

2 Oct 2012

protective 1

World demand for protective packaging is forecast to increase 6.3 percent per year to USD24.5 billion in 2016.  Factors contributing to rising demand include an acceleration in global manufacturing output, malady increased consumer spending on packaged goods worldwide, sales and demographic trends such as increasing urban populations, sickness as urban residents tend [...]


Attack litter, not plastic bags

9 Jul 2012

I recently read a short, patient but insightful, rx article surrounding the issues of bag bans. The bag industry claims that banning bags will result in job loss, negative effects to local economies, hidden taxes, and lower environmental impact compared to paper, etc. These are important issues to consider, but they really don?t [...]