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Plastic extrusion and thermoforming lines for sale

26 Sep 2012

Huhtamaki Foodservice Germany is selling via online auction  a selection of plastic extrusion and thermoforming lines as well as equipment for the production of lids, treatment cups, containers and trays surplus to ongoing operations.
The equipment is from Illig, Gabler, Bellaplast and Kiefel.
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Speciality beverages boost demand for cups and lids

17 Sep 2012


Demand for cups and lids in the US is forecast to increase 4.1 percent per year to USD8.9 billion in 2016, treatment with growth driven by above average gains for food packaging cups and a favorable outlook for foodservice revenues.  The growing importance of specialty beverages among foodservice operators will be a key factor, [...]


Blister packs at fifty!

11 Jul 2012

blister pack

The first blister pack was introduced to the market 50 years ago. Today it is hard to imagine a world where unit doses of solid form pharmaceuticals are not available in this user-friendly format. So many advantages for the end-user have emerged and its most obvious benefit is that it is always clear how many tablets [...]


Double sealing eliminates requirement for extra lid

8 Jul 2012


A topseal packaging for which a double seal technique has been introduced by Naber Plastics.
The top edge is sealed in two phases. During the sealing process the outer ring is pushed down and is separated from the tray. The result is a plastic ring with film in it which can be used as a lid [...]

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