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Campaign launched to promote use of paper based bags

6 Jun 2013

Mondi Bags and Shopper Campaign

Mondi has launched a campaign to increase paper based bags? popularity among European retailers and consumers, advice following a market study that revealed a large gap in the market?s awareness of the advantages of kraft paper for retail shopping bags and carriers.
Mondi is a leading global supplier of packaging and paper and its kraft [...]


Court rules on Jaffa Cakes packaging

29 Nov 2012

delicje szamp.

Another packaging dispute has ended up in court.  This time it effects Jaffa cakes – a product no stranger to the law courts.
A court in Poland has ruled that Wedel must stop using its current packaging (below) for its Jaffa cakes and any in shops or warehouses must be destroyed due to unfair competition.
The case [...]


Kraft becomes leader of Polish confectionery market

17 Sep 2012

Alpen gold babloada

According to the Polish financial daily Puls Biznesu, discount sick Kraft has become the leading seller of confectionery on the Polish market.
Kraft has overtaken Wedel, purchase which is part of Cadbury.  Wedel expected a good year, medical particularly thanks to sponsoring related to the Euro2012 competition.  Nonetheless its market share has [...]


Kraft wrap developed to protect metals in transit

4 Jul 2012

cortec 149

Cortec®’s VpCI®-149 is a new and unique corrosion inhibiting paper for the protection of a wide variety of metals. This environmentally safe, non-toxic paper is formulated for extra protection of sensitive metals such as copper, aluminum and cast iron, providing a superior level of VpCI® protection compared to other VCI papers.  Manufactured using a natural [...]