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Coffee syrup producer opts for PET bottle

12 Apr 2013

DaVinci Gourmet range of coffee syrups has introduced a custom-moulded 1 litre PET bottle as part of Kerry Foodservice?s move to create a global visual identity for the brand.
The new bottle imitates the shape of the previous 750ml size but the additional volume offers enhanced benefits and convenience to operators.  The choice of PET provides clarity [...]


Paint packaging and logo completely changed to meet market competition

1 Jul 2012

Sniezka_Barwy Natury

The Polish paint brand  Śnieżka has brought out a completely updated range of paint packaging as well as completely changing its logo.  This was clearly brought about in the face of competition.
According to marketing director Tomasz Kosiński, the new packaging is designed to show innovation.
‘In the past few years the market has completely changed. There [...]