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Polish inflation 0.5 percent

3 Feb 2014

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The Polish National Bank (NBP) has predicted that inflation for the next 12 months will be 0.5 percent as opposed to 0.6 percent for the 12 months ending in December 2014.


Inflation falls to 0.5 percent in Poland

18 Dec 2013

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According to Eurostat, seek inflation in Poland in November came to 0.5 percent as compared to 0.7 in October on an annual basis. 
The Polish statistics office also said yesterday that the average salary in the country is now PLN3,897.88 (EUR 935).


Inflation falls in Poland

3 Dec 2012


Annual inflation in Poland decreased to 3.6 percent from 3.8 percent in October according to the national bank NBP.


Polish inflation stable

22 Nov 2012

CPI inflation in Poland stood at 3.4 percent last month according to the Polish statistics agency GUS.


Polish inflation still high

7 Aug 2012

Consumer inflation in Poland for June was 4.3 percent as compared to 3.7 percent in May.  The government is aiming for inflation at 2.8 percent.


Inflation up in Poland

16 Jul 2012

Polish inflation increased to 4.3 percent in June, find this is an increase of 0.2 percent when compared to the figure for May. At the same time unemployment has fallen below 12.4 percent.

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