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Constantia Flexibles Labels Division rebrands

10 Apr 2015

Labels Constantia

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has rebranded all of its operating units Constantia Flexibles. The historical business names including Grafo Regia, look Haendler & Natermann (and Constantia Label), rx Novis, Sim?Edit, Spear, CM Labels and H&N Suzhou will continue to be used as site designations, but the company name and brand message is Constantia [...]


Sauce manufacturer changes from glass to plastic

27 May 2014


British pasta sauce Ragú has changed packaging from glass to plastic.  Manufacturer Symingtons say that the change was due to longer ambient shelf life of up to 24 months combined with glass-like transparency and the added in-home safety of a non-shatter container.
The package also has an oxygen barrier on all surfaces with a membrane seal [...]

Food and beverage

IML used for spice pots

5 Apr 2013

rpc2013.052 Superfos Santa Maria Dips

Two new dips in the TexMex range from Santa Maria, shop the biggest Nordic supplier of spices and tastes of the world, now come in a 215ml container with click-on screw lid.
Packaging Development Technologist ?sa Yhlen from Santa Maria appreciates the new pot.
?I believe that plastic as a packaging material will keep gaining ground. [...]

Products Needed

IML technology required

9 Jan 2013

In mould labeling technology sought by dairy products company in Russia for use with various milk based products such as cream cheeses and yoghurt.
Please use contact form.

Food and beverage

Mozarella being packaged in stay fresh cup

3 Oct 2012


In early August 2012, cheese maker Goldsteig started selling its Bambini Mozzarella product in a stay-fresh cup. What makes the oval-shaped packaging special is the seamless In-Mould Labelling (IML) produced in one simple step. Unlike conventional IML packaging, the cup has a soft contoured underside with the label covering the entire surface. This was previously [...]

Products Needed

Cheese packaging sought

12 Jul 2012

Belarussian dairy is seeking a packaging supplier for various types of cheese products including ricotta, viagra mascarpone and mozarella.
Seeking easy open solution, viagra PP 110mm, without modified atmosphere.  Print or IML.  Mascarpone may have multicoloured print or IML.
Estimated consumption is around 30,000 pieces of each per month.
Please use contact form.