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Mondi optimises portfolio

27 Mar 2017

ProVantage Kraftliner

?We live in a very fast-moving consumer market that constantly challenges corrugated packaging solutions. To keep our customers one step ahead in this dynamic field we work closely together with them, treatment constantly innovate, and modernise both our state-of-the-art paper machines and product portfolio. Our recent modernisation projects at Mondi Świecie mill reflect this [...]

Food and beverage

Nationalism answer to horsemeat labelling problem

26 Feb 2013


Fears of horsemeat labelled as beef continue to hit Europe with products from a number of countries being attacked, cialis especially Romania and Poland.
For the German retailer the Rewe Group the answer is simple.  Resort to nationalism.  It has announced that henceforth it will only use German beef for its private label products at [...]


Ikea selling its own beer

23 Jul 2012

ikea beer

Ikea has begun to sell its own label beer.  Packed in a dark glass bottle with a black label, order the beer gives the impression of being something somewhat traditional.  The company has been selling beer for sometime in Europe but this is the first time that a private label product has appeared.