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Poles buy fresh food locally

17 Feb 2014

real fruit and veg

According to research company Nielsen, see physician healing fresh food accounts for 45 percent of all food purchases made in Poland and most purchases are still made on markets and specialist stores rather than in hyper and supermarkets.
Nielsen says that one quarter of those questioned believes that freshness is the most important [...]


Real sees sales fall

17 Feb 2014

real romania

Hypermarket operator Real has seen its results collapse with a fall in sales of 16 percent to EUR2.6bn in 2013. However in central and eastern Europe the situation is much worse with sales falling by 55.5 percent to EUR359m when compared to EUR807m in 2012.  The reason for the fall in sales has been the [...]


Auchan to buy Real business in CEE region

30 Nov 2012


Auchan signed an agreement with the Metro Group on 30 November 2012 to purchase the retail outlets and real estate of the latter in Poland, thumb Romania, Russia and the Ukraine for a sum of EUR1.1bn.  Our report published on Friday morning suggested a price of EUR1bn but did not take into account some [...]


Real to double private label range in Poland

2 May 2012


Real has become the next retailer in Poland to say that it intends to double the amount of private label products it has on offer. It aims to produce around 1, purchase discount illness 000 articles under the Real Quality brand which is at the second level of private label and a similar [...]