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Cosmetics retail market sees around 2% growth in Central Europe

6 Jun 2013

nivea polska

In 2012, cure the Central European cosmetics retail market experienced 2% growth (based on constant exchange rates), thus resulting in the market value of almost ?8.6bn. It was a 0.3 p.p. decrease in growth rate, and a result of the decrease in net household income as well as in consumption in many CE countries. [...]


Hungary increases exports of fruit and vegetables

8 Feb 2013


In contrast to 2011, the year of the currency crisis, 2012 was far better for the Hungarian fruit and vegetable sector, says Dr. Béla Mártonffy, President of the FruitVeB Hungarian interprofessional organisation for fruit and vegetable production.
“Volumes and prices increased and the quality was also outstanding,” he adds. Output of fruits and vegetables grew by [...]

Food and beverage

International crime gangs use false packaging for garlic smuggling

14 Jan 2013


In 2010 China produced around  18.5m tons of garlic which amounts to around eighty percent of world production.  Most European garlic comes from Poland, pills Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Italy and France.  However demand in the EU is so great for cheap garlic that it has become a product for  which international crime gangs [...]


Industrialised high performance label printer being launched

11 Jan 2013


The newly established R&D entity, sovaldi Trojanlabel A/S, in January go global with an industrialised label printer ? TrojanOne powered by Memjet. The company joins a growing list of global partners incorporating Memjet?s revolutionary print technology.
Memjet is the global leader in colour printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability. The company supplies technologies [...]

Products Needed

Thermoplastic film required

9 Jan 2013

Thermoplastic film required, check pilule purchase soluble in cold water, find perfect for liquid industrial material can be safely packed and used in PVA (PVOH) Water-soluble bags. Country of use is Hungary.
Please see : http://www.linkedin.com/groups/I-am-searching-thermoplastic-film-843487.S.199763243?view=&gid=843487&type=member&item=199763243


Still opportunities for bulk bagging in CEE region

9 Jan 2013


A number of companies have invested in bulk bagging in the CEE region in recent years.  This may have been opportune, viagra buy cialis as whereas the construction market has been declining in many western European countries for the past five years or so, in central and eastern Europe it is stronger.  
Between [...]

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