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Bad one, Huhtamaki!

14 May 2013

carrte d'or

The Carte d’Or range of ice cream is sold throughout Europe and is offered in packaging options such as plastic tubs or cartonboard cups.  The latter are manufactured by Huhtamaki.
The publisher of this magazine discovered last week that the packaging of this ice cream is regretfully not waterproof, indeed the product leaked, following a power [...]


Soft can system enters production

5 Oct 2012


In 2007 the Cyclero ‘soft can’ system came onto the market.  As a ‘can’ it is very light and after use can be squashed up to be quite small for disposal.  The can has had some success in South East Asia where it has now gone into production, yet despite its size and trendy looks, [...]


Plastic extrusion and thermoforming lines for sale

26 Sep 2012

Huhtamaki Foodservice Germany is selling via online auction  a selection of plastic extrusion and thermoforming lines as well as equipment for the production of lids, treatment cups, containers and trays surplus to ongoing operations.
The equipment is from Illig, Gabler, Bellaplast and Kiefel.
For more information please see :