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Major expansion for Polish herbal manufacturer

28 Jan 2014


Herbapol, tadalafil one of the largest producers of herbal medicines and other homopathic health goods intends to develop a major manufacturing facility near Wrocław, rx Poland with the purchase of a five hectare plot in Rzeplin.  This will include a significant packaging investment.
Herbapol specializes in production of pharmaceuticals based on herbal raw materials. [...]


Swiss lozenge manufacture updates line and reduces breakage

21 Apr 2013

ish2012.045 Ricola CCW with product full view (PR shot) IMG2654_kl

The introduction of equipment at a throat lozenge manufacturer has reduced product breakage during packing, search as well as markedly increasing throughput and minimising giveaway.
Ricola AG of Laufen in Switzerland has been making herbal confectionery for more than 70 years and has built up a dedicated customer base all over the world, sovaldi sale [...]