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Industry Awards

POPAI global awards presented at EuroShop

3 Mar 2014

POPAI DACH nominated

Trade association POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) presented the POPAI Global Awards at EuroShop in Düsseldorf, medicine the world?s largest retail trade and sales promotion exhibition. 
Only POS solutions that have won a Gold or a Display of the Year award from a regional POPAI chapter during the previous year are eligible to [...]

Food and beverage

Premium chocolate seeks differentiation

3 Mar 2014

mitzi blue

Over the last three years the chocolate industry has seen a division in the market. Major manufacturers are experiencing virtually no growth. The market is extremely price-sensitive, price increases are difficult to achieve without losing market shares.
The prices of important ingredients are also increasing. In the EU, the price of sugar increased from EUR 600 [...]


Real sees sales fall

17 Feb 2014

real romania

Hypermarket operator Real has seen its results collapse with a fall in sales of 16 percent to EUR2.6bn in 2013. However in central and eastern Europe the situation is much worse with sales falling by 55.5 percent to EUR359m when compared to EUR807m in 2012.  The reason for the fall in sales has been the [...]


Non eaten food is world’s third largest greenhouse gas producer

16 Feb 2014

mcdos burger

The carbon footprint of worldwide food losses and food waste amounts
to the equivalent of 3.3 giga tons of CO2 emissions. Compared to the
CO? emissions of individual countries this volume ranks third among
the world?s biggest greenhouse gas emitters after China and the
USA. What this means in concrete terms is that the greenhouse gas
associated with the production, [...]


Aging population requires innovative packaging solutions.

28 Jan 2014

irina sendler

The need for lightweight, shop help protective packaging solutions in the food and personal care sectors will sustain the growth of plastics in Germany.   By 2055, there over half of the German population will be aged 65 or over. This aging population will result in demand for easy-to-use, easy-to-handle packaging, with clearer [...]


Fresh convenience yet to take off in Germany

20 Jan 2014


Germany follows the U.S. as second largest market market for organic products worldwide. This is confirmed by the latest statistics published by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Since 2000, pills cure sales have tripled. Consumption of organic products continues to rise ? however at a slower, help but steady [...]

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