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Products Needed

Plastics with water and gas barrier needed

31 Mar 2014

Global consumer products company seeks proposals for formable plastics with excellent water and gas barrier resistance.
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Products Needed

Plastics solution required

10 Mar 2014

Global consumer products company requires solutions for formable plastics with excellent water and gas barrier resistance.
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Film introduced which stops potatoes going green

25 Aug 2013

Asda conrich crystal trolley shot

Food waste reduction remains high on the agenda for retailers. With this in mind, British retailer Asda has launched a range of packed potatoes using a film which it claims has a significant increase when compared with conventional pack.  This is due to modifying the atmosphere in the pack.
Extending the life of fresh produce during [...]


Blister packs at fifty!

11 Jul 2012

blister pack

The first blister pack was introduced to the market 50 years ago. Today it is hard to imagine a world where unit doses of solid form pharmaceuticals are not available in this user-friendly format. So many advantages for the end-user have emerged and its most obvious benefit is that it is always clear how many tablets [...]


Gas and solar most popular ways of ugrading industrial heating in Poland

21 Jun 2012

In the recent years, click Poland has seen the dynamic growth of state-of-the-art heating systems, cialis which start to play an increasingly important role. At the same time, viagra despite the fact that market novelties attract significant attention, the existing heating systems (coal-based and district heating systems) still enjoy a well-established market position.
The country?s geographical [...]


Green is the new black in cosmetics

4 Jun 2012


Cosmetic and personal care companies are investing in sustainability as they look to shore up their green credentials. The beauty industry has historically received negative media publicity for unethical business practices, shop however green appears to have become the new black.
A number of 2012 industry lists show how far beauty companies have come on [...]

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