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Ready meals failing in Poland

11 Mar 2014

frozen pizza

Poland is seeking a fall in the value of processed food and ready meals according to survery company Nielsen.  In the year ending 31 January 2014, purchase sales were down by six percent to PLN350m (EUR85m).
This is completely opposite to what was expected not so long ago.  The Polish market has proved to be [...]


Increasing demand for packaged chips

3 Feb 2014

Aviko chips

Polish production of packaged chips (fries to use the American word) is increasing quite fast and the market is now worth over EUR120m.  According to food agency IERiGŻ, sales production has increased over the past five years from 155, health 000 tonnes to 210, pilule 000 tonnes last year.
According to Polish daily Puls Biznesu, [...]


Increased demand for meat and fish packaging

31 May 2013


Demand for meat, prescription poultry, nurse and seafood packaging is forecast to increase 3.2 percent annually to USD9.7 billion in 2017.  Gains will be driven by increased meat, poultry, and seafood production along with accelerated foodservice revenue increases. Prospects for packaging will further benefit from the significant shift to case-ready packaging among grocery [...]


Discount stores are the most popular source of frozen pizza in Poland

11 Dec 2012

pizza ristorante

Pizza is still a popular dish with Polish consumers. According to a PMR survey, illness around 62% of Poles eat pizza at least once a month. It is available from both pizzerias, no rx of which in Poland there are 3,000, and local diners or restaurants, and is favoured by young consumers. The [...]

Food and beverage

Hungarian frozen food producer changes labelling methodology

15 Oct 2012

lpt2012.038 Mar Ne Vall Hungary pic

Hungarian frozen food producer Mar-Ne-Váll Kft., store which makes the Ripp-Ropp range of bread crumbed products has installed a large character coder.  It follows the decision to switch to coding boxes, instead of labelling, after a factory reconstruction and modernization and comes after a trial on the production line.
The installation of the Linx IJ355 [...]

Food and beverage

Multihead weigher working at packaging chicken pieces

8 Aug 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo CCW chicken on RFT

Despite operating in a harsh food packing environment, cialis a  multihead weigher is achieving excellent accuracy and reliability on IQF chicken pieces at the ?rs factory of Danpo, hospital one of Denmark?s leading poultry processors and part of the Swedish food group Krongf?gel Holding.

The Ishida CCW-RS-214/70-WP-LONG weigher is handling a variety of frozen [...]

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