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EPDA elects president

22 Jun 2015


Małgorzata Leniarska was elected by the board of the European Packaging Design Association in Toulouse, mind order France as the new president of the organisation.
EPDA design brings together agencies from all over Europe. The association was founded 25 years ago as a platform for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions on the [...]


Constantia Flexibles Labels Division rebrands

10 Apr 2015

Labels Constantia

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has rebranded all of its operating units Constantia Flexibles. The historical business names including Grafo Regia, look Haendler & Natermann (and Constantia Label), rx Novis, Sim?Edit, Spear, CM Labels and H&N Suzhou will continue to be used as site designations, but the company name and brand message is Constantia [...]

Food and beverage

Premium chocolate seeks differentiation

3 Mar 2014

mitzi blue

Over the last three years the chocolate industry has seen a division in the market. Major manufacturers are experiencing virtually no growth. The market is extremely price-sensitive, price increases are difficult to achieve without losing market shares.
The prices of important ingredients are also increasing. In the EU, the price of sugar increased from EUR 600 [...]


Poland considering forcing drivers to carry breathalysers

15 Jan 2014


France has already introduced the requirement for drivers to carry breathalysers and now Poland is discussing the same measure.  Logic says that it is completely pointless as it someone has so little respect for other drivers that they drive under the influence of alcohol then they are hardly likely to carry around a breathaliser whereas [...]


Bean importer upgrades lines

15 Jul 2013

ish.2012.034 Heng Sieng close up dispersion table with product (PR shot)

France?s biggest producer of bean sprouts, look Heng Sieng SA, order has automated its packing operation with the installation of two multihead weighers that deliver the necessary combination of gentle and hygienic handling with fast and accurate weighing.

Established 20 years ago, Heng Sieng SA imports mung bean seeds from Asia and germinates them [...]


‘Fat taxes’ beginning to be imposed on carbonated beverages

3 May 2013

coca cola Serbia

Carbonated drinks are bad for your health as they contain huge amounts of refined sugar, yet the production of plastic bottles and cans especially is highly reliant on this industry which could be hit if ‘fat taxes’ are imposed on them.  The ‘fat tax’ has an additional benefit however for the state – it is [...]

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