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WWF and Mondi to collaborate on environmental issues

23 Feb 2014

wwf logo

WWF and Mondi Group announced today that they will work together in a three-year strategic partnership that focuses on increasing environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors.
The partnership, store which links one of the largest packaging, sickness pulp and paper producers in the world with the world?s largest conservation organisation, help [...]


Russians protecting their forests

20 May 2013

russia after fire

All-Russian Forest Planting Day was held on 18 May 2013 with volunteers planting over 10 million saplings in 65 regions of Russia within the framework of this unprecedentedly large environmental event which may have drawn over one million people.
Whereas most of Russia’s forests are protected and harvesting is responsible, there are still major problems in the [...]


Illegal logging destroying Russian forests

22 Apr 2013

Siberian tigers

Illegal logging in the Russian Far East, thumb seek some of which could be imported into the EU via China in various forms of packaging, treat is pushing forests and species in the region to the brink of destruction, a report by WWF has found.
Large-scale illegal logging, mainly to supply Chinese industry, [...]


Forestry group to invest in forest protection

10 Oct 2012


Ilim Group management and the Arkhangelsk Oblast Government have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of forest management relations. In accordance with the agreement, recipe Ilim Group will allocate RUB 54, prostate 700,000 (EUR1.2m)  for implementation of measures related to forest management, forest protection, safety and reforestation in the region.
The agreement was signed [...]


APP’s latest promise no more than protecting already protected forest

26 Jul 2012


The “sustainability roadmap” issued recently by controversial Indonesia deforester Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) dramatically backtracks on a series of promises it has made – and broken – previously, an analysis by the Riau NGO coalition Eyes on the Forest has found.
“We were abundantly justified in not trusting their 2004 Sustainability Action Plan promise to [...]