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Russia committed to spend at least USD21bn in preparation for World Cup

19 Aug 2013


According to analysts PMR, decease in the next five years at least RUB 664bn ($21bn) will be spent from the federal and regional coffers as well as by private investors in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Initially, tadalafil officials of host cities submitted projects to be developed under preparation for the [...]

Food and beverage

Russia to crack down on high calorie food

10 Jan 2013

McDo Sochi

The Russian health ministry is planing to take steps to combat what it sees as unhealthy food.  This will include fast food networks as well as products such as chocolate, prostate fizzy drinks and crisps.  Plans were revealed at the end of December which would reduce the amount of advertising allowed for these products [...]


Record year for beer sales in Poland

31 Oct 2012


As forecast earlier this year, try Poland could now be heading towards a record year for beer sales.  Even if the final two months end up in being a total beer disaster, ampoule sales could still hit 37m hectolitres.
Of course this year has been an exception.  By the third week of April we [...]

Food and beverage

Tic tac packaging for Euro 2012 wins award

3 Oct 2012


The annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards for carton packaging have been presented for fifteen years now.  This year the best folding carton in the ?Confectionery? category was given to a product for tic tac.

Sonorous Packaging
The promotional packaging for tic tac scores for its high fun factor and added emotional value and doubles up as a sound-maker [...]


Coca Cola not going to be using Ronaldinho on its packaging any longer!

16 Jul 2012


Be careful of which stars you use to get to advertise your products is the message Coca-Cola is sending out to the world, whereas Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho is going to have to consider a very expensive drink he had at a press conference. It would seem that he turned up with a can of Pepsi [...]


Carlsberg scored at Euro 2012

10 Jul 2012


Other than their victory over Holland, check cheap Denmark did not have anything to celebrate at Euro 2012.  Nonetheless Carlsberg did very well with an increase of forty percent over their score for Euro 2008 in the stadiums and fan zones in Poland and the Ukraine.
The fan zones were extremely good for them, [...]

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