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FMCG packaging market worth USD436.5bn

15 Jul 2013

Edelmann boxes

The rising disposable incomes in emerging markets are largely driving FMCG packaging market growth. As these emerging market middle class consumers increase in numbers, click the demand for a variety of FMCG products is expected to expand.
In the developed markets, while the FMCG and FMCG packaging markets are mature and saturated, some value growth [...]


Survey shows Germany to be undisputed leader in sustainable packaging

10 Sep 2012

The first easyFairs pan-European pulse check of the packaging profession reveals a mood of cautious optimism ? and a spirit of innovation ? despite the depressed economic climate. Most packaging professionals believe their budgets will remain unchanged over the next 12 months but of the remainder, medical a majority expect to see their funds [...]