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Beverage packages: uniqueness counts

25 Mar 2014

big can

?Less is more? is the consumer?s motto when it comes to beverages: less additives and preservatives and zero sugar. With packages the opposite is true, illness for they have to be individually designed, recipe promise product quality and possibly offer extra utility as well. Such consumer behaviour is not exactly kind to the [...]

Food and beverage

Change in neck geometry aids filling process

15 Feb 2013

rpc2013.008 Kutenholz Paulsen

Alfred Paulsen GmbH & Co. KG assumed the trademark rights of Nowka Sauerkonserven pickle brand from Uelzen in July.  The company has developed new neck geometries on some products although it continues to use the same multilayer containers.
‘We will continue to market the products under the Nowka brand with the same familiar and well established [...]


333 billion aseptic packages in 2016

9 Aug 2012


The world market for aseptically packed products amounted to 123 billion litres in 269 billion packs during 2011, prostate according to the new Global Aseptic Packaging report from food and drinks consultancy Zenith International and packaging specialists Warrick Research. Volumes have grown by just over 5% a year since 2008, buy cialis with [...]

News from Events

Solutions for cement presented in Turkey

18 Jul 2012


Last month the international cement conference Intercem was held in Istanbul, order cialis sale Turkey. About 400 international delegates from the cement industry got together from 26 – 28 June 2012 to follow speeches on recent developments in the industry.  Various packaging solutions were also presented at the event – particularly important given the growth of [...]


Flexible packaging body claiming to be most environmentally friendly

17 Jul 2012

The flexible industry is claiming to be the most energy efficient in a paper released last month.  Most sustainability energy mantras say ?Reduce first and then optimise?, nurse with renewables where possible.
According to Flexible Packaging Europe, diagnosis because flexible packaging can be assembled at the filling plant from rolls of material, thumb [...]


Packaging suppliers being sued over alleged mistakes that made product taste foul

15 Jul 2012

According to the British Daily Mail. Harcos Labs, a company that sells ‘zombie blood’ is suing its packaging providers after claims their mistakes made the concoction ‘undrinkable’ and caused the bags to explode.  Zombie Blood is a novelty green drink with a  tangy lime flavour sold in an IV-style bag.
Harcos Labs alleges that Primal essence, Power Brands [...]

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