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European glass business in growth

10 Apr 2015


Last year, seek solid growth was recorded for the European container glass industry. In the EU28, production volume increased by 1.6% according to the European Container Glass Federation FEVE.
More than 22 million tons or some 50 billion glass containers were sold to customers inside and outside EU markets. All EU countries recorded positive growth [...]


Glass packaging body launches campaign

27 May 2014


Friends of Glass, view the consumer platform for FEVE, medical the European Container Glass Federation, will Look Beyond the Label in its new consumer campaign, launched on the 13May. The campaign will highlight what it considers to be the health benefits of glass packaging, outlining why it is the consumers choice when it [...]


No improvement in glass recycling

8 Jul 2012

Baltimor Admiral after

According to the latest glass recycling estimates ? published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) one year ahead of Eurostat?s official data ? the average glass recycling rate in the European Union remains stable at 68%. That means about 25 billion glass bottles and jars were collected throughout the European Union in 2010.
Nonetheless some [...]