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Liquid fertiliser launched in versatile pack

10 Mar 2014


Gardening giant ASB Greenworld has launched a 1L liquid fertiliser in a versatile pack which is filled at its plant in Soltau, pills Germany.
The essential requirements of the HDPE pack were an absolutely tight seal, viagra to prevent any leakage, and maximum stability of form against high interior pressure.
The design allows the use [...]

Industry Awards

Aerosol award given to plant spray product

3 May 2013


The new Flairosol? ImPress from Afa Dispensing Group (Afa) has won this year?s ?Dispensing Innovation Award? at the Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Forum 2013. 
For the introduction of Flairosol ImPress, ed Afa teamed up with Pokon Naturado BV, look the number-one plant care brand in the Netherlands, to develop the horticultural application ?Pokon Powerspray?, [...]


Wal Mart warns suppliers to comply with sustainability rules

30 Oct 2012

walmart 01

Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, has warned suppliers that if they do not complain with the company’s sustainability rules then they may no longer do business with them.  Whereas the company says on one hand the rules are voluntary it also says that it may cease buying from companies that fail to comply. [...]