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Sustainable Alternatives to Polyvinylidene Chloride-coated Films

27 Mar 2017

meat wrapped EVOH

Deferring to the popular consumer sentiment, pill numerous countries across Western Europe have banned or restricted the use of polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC)-coated films in food packaging. The move opens up the market for sustainable and specialty packaging solutions that are cost effective, hospital offer transparency, and have excellent barrier properties even at high [...]


Sauce manufacturer changes from glass to plastic

27 May 2014


British pasta sauce Ragú has changed packaging from glass to plastic.  Manufacturer Symingtons say that the change was due to longer ambient shelf life of up to 24 months combined with glass-like transparency and the added in-home safety of a non-shatter container.
The package also has an oxygen barrier on all surfaces with a membrane seal [...]

Products Needed

Squeeze bottles required

20 Sep 2013

Food processing company in Greece is seeking multilayer squeeze bottles to be used for food products such as sauces and salad dressings stored in ambient conditions.
They are interested in squeeze bottles with the below features:
Material: PP/EVOH/PP
Volume 500ml & 750ml
Suitable for cold filling (bottles suitable for hot filling or pasteurisation processing please send us information?s for these [...]

Food and beverage

An ‘easy wine glass’ in ready to drink format

21 Jul 2013

Multilayer sheet is being used to create the new ?Easy Wine Glass? ready-to-drink solution from Cefour Wine & Beverage AB of ?hus, treat Sweden.
Easy Wine Glass offers a selection of quality wines, viagra including Merlot, Rosé Syrah and Chardonnay, in pre-filled and sealed plastic wine glasses.  The 18.75cl size is particularly appropriate for [...]


Multi layer pot aims to deliver extended shelf life

15 Jul 2013

rpc2013.031 250 ml Cup 6

A new 250ml multilayer pot has been introduced with a view of delivering extended shelf life for a variety of food products by Dutch manufacturer Van der Kroon Food Products B.V.
The standard container has been developed by RPC Kutenholz in partnership with Van der Kroon.  The plastic jar and lid offer a number of important [...]

Food and beverage

Vegetable producer changes from tin and glass to squeezy plastic

7 Aug 2012

Serbosco pic

One of Italy?s leading manufacturer of creamed vegetables has become possibly the first producer to pack its products in squeezy plastic bottles. Serbosco Srl says the new packaging delivers important brand image, thumb safety and convenience benefits.
The company has selected the 670ml ?top down? Orion bottle from RPC Corby with a 38mm valveless cap [...]