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McDonald’s expanding in the Baltics

5 Dec 2012

According to the Lithuanian business daily Versos Zinios, McDonald’s is to open new restaurants in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


European unemployment increases – although situation improving in Baltic States

1 Aug 2012

According to Eurostat, search the unemployment rate in the EU was 10.4 percent in June 2012 which is the same as in May 2012 but an increase when compared to June 2011 when it was 9.5 percent. 
Eurostat estimates that 25.1m people in the EU are unemployed.
Among the Member States, physician the lowest unemployment [...]


No improvement in glass recycling

8 Jul 2012

Baltimor Admiral after

According to the latest glass recycling estimates ? published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) one year ahead of Eurostat?s official data ? the average glass recycling rate in the European Union remains stable at 68%. That means about 25 billion glass bottles and jars were collected throughout the European Union in 2010.
Nonetheless some [...]