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EU positive on health, safety and environment

27 May 2014


The elections for the European Parliament last week saw a strong surge of support by anti EU parties, especially in the UK and France.  However health and safety and environment professionals have given the EU the thumbs-up when it comes to the impact it is having on legislation, according to a survey by specialists Cedrec.
Despite [...]


Metal packaging market forecast to reach USD102.1bn this year

14 May 2013

Sniezka range 1

Various consumer-trends are driving metal packaging demand . The increasingly busy lifestyles of modern consumers and rapidly aging societies are magnifying the demand for convenient and long-lasting food packaging . Increased awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of freshly packaged food as well as nutrient-retaining qualities of metal packaging are driving demand. Growing environmental [...]


Heineken sets environmental targets it does not yet know how to reach

12 Apr 2013

heineken brands

Heineken has published its 2012 Sustainability Report and has set targets for the next four years to focus on protecting water resources, reducing CO2 emissions, sourcing sustainably and advocating responsible consumption.
Heineken’s CEO, Jean-François van Boxmeer, in a rare show of honesty in today’s corporate hype admitted that although the company had set ambitious targets it [...]

Industry Awards

Five awards for Mondi

23 Nov 2012


In the last ten days, Mondi’s focus on sustainability has received public recognition in the form of five awards – from WWF International and Pulp and Paper International (PPI). These awards are a demonstration of Mondi’s ongoing commitment to sustainability including its environmental, risk and safety management.
Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, has [...]


Americans less interested in ‘green’ packaging than Europeans

5 Jun 2012

Research conducted by Perception Research Services has shown that US consumers are much less interested in choosing environmentally-friendly packaging than their European counterparts, nurse despite much stronger environmental awareness in that country.
According to the research, sovaldi significantly more shoppers state they would like to choose environmentally friendly packaging compared to 2010 (36% vs [...]

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