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Video Stories

Can a team of rugby players break a packaged egg?

6 Jun 2012

Can a team of rugby players beat Professor Packaging and crack to his precious egg? There?s only one way to find out! See the film!

Sealed Air, buy discount a leading manufacturer of protective packaging and materials, decease has continued its venture into the fast growing world of video with the latest version [...]

Food and beverage

An extremely original way of presenting chocolate eggs!

31 May 2012

Bell Packaging Truffle easter egg

James Chocolates chose Bell Packaging?s unique Jetran? transparent tubes to display two ranges of Easter Eggs for 2012 to produce a very intriguing packaging design.
The cylindrical tubes offer good protection for the delicate eggs and also wonderful visibility to both entice the customer at point of sale and to ensure they can see exactly what [...]


Poultry sector strong in Belarus

30 Apr 2012

The Belarussian chicken sector has seen dramatic growth over the past year both in meat and egg production. In the first two months of this year alone, cheap meat production increased by 17 percent. It is also a major export product with egg exports up ten percent last year when compared to 2010 whilst [...]