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Improved efficiency is key to greater food production

7 Feb 2013


A Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco has called for improved efficiencies in food supply chains.  A number of speakers highlighted the inefficiencies in food production, patient distribution and consumption.
The general consensus from summit participants was that intensive production methods were not the sole solution to feed the growing global population. Sustainable agriculture has [...]


Eco labels in the food industry not always what they seem to be

9 Jan 2013

foodland serbia 1

The number of eco-labels in the food industry is likely to continue to proliferate in 2013. Over 200 seals and logos represent some ecological, search ethical, remedy ingredient or sustainability attributes in the global food industry. The mushrooming number of eco-labels could have adverse consequences.
The majority of eco-labels in the food industry are [...]

News from Events

Zünd to highlight and demonstrate sustainable practices at EcoPrint 2012

17 Sep 2012


Sustainability benefits society in three ways – ecologically, order diagnosis socially and economically? and this has been Switzerland-based Zünd?s philosophy since its inception in 1984.  All of Zünd?s leading edge cutting systems are developed, sildenafil decease manufactured and operated with highest respect for the environment and for society as a whole.
As [...]

Food and beverage

LeClerc to concentrate on ‘bio’ products

10 Jul 2012

leclerc bio

The E. Leclerc retail chain is to concentrate on bio products in all its stores.  The company has noted that demand for this type of product has increased by around thirty percent per year in Poland for example, whereas total turnover increased by around 5.2 percent last year in that country.
LeClerc is increasing the range [...]


Russian private label sector grows by 20%

5 Jul 2012

OKey own label pet food

Private labels represent a relatively new phenomenon in Russia. Combined with the low concentration of retail chains, sildenafil cialis this explains the modest level of private labels penetration. While private labels are associated with the quality and even brand identity on the mature European markets, recipe in Russia they signify only lower [...]