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Industry Awards

Cardboard bottle wins German Packaging Award

30 Sep 2013

Deutscher Verpackungspreis

A bottle made of cardboard has won the German Packaging Award (Deutscher Verpackungspreis) in the ?Best Sales Packaging: Beverages? category, pilule which was this year handed out for the 50th time. The cardboard pack has a centrally positioned closure and handles like a bottle whilst having the benefits of a carton pack in terms [...]

Industry Awards

German packaging winners announced in Nuremburg

25 Sep 2012


At a formal award ceremony on the evening of 24th September, medicine 27 innovative packaging solutions from home and abroad were presented with the German Packaging Award 2012. Among the winners of this seal of approval “Best Packaging 2012″, and 14 were from sales packaging, viagra four from transport & logistics packaging, [...]


Technology which decreases weight without decreasing film introduced

11 Sep 2012


The foamed Nor®Cell film has been nominated for a prize in the German Packaging Institute’s annual awards which will be held at FachPack later this month.
Nor®Cell technology uses a physical, controlled foaming process which means that the weight of flexible packaging is significantly reduced without decreasing the film thickness. These “light-weight films” weigh up to [...]

Industry Awards

Tray in tray packaging may lengthen shelf life

10 Sep 2012


An interesting form of packaging claims to increase the shelf life of food through high pressure.
Tray-in-tray packaging, was developed especially for use in the high pressure processing of food, with which noticeably longer shelf lives can be achieved in a way that preserves vitamins. As part of this, the food – and the packaging along [...]

Industry Awards

Entrants for German Packaging Award need to be received by 3 August 2012

25 Jul 2012

Extension of the deadline for the international German Packaging Award 2012 has been made with submissions now possible to the end of July.
However the dvi states that all samples need to have been received by the 3 August 2012.

Industry Awards

Not too late to apply for German Packaging Awards

17 Jul 2012


Up until the end of July, pills companies from all over the world can still apply with their packaging ideas for the seal of uality ?Best Packaging 2012? or ?Best Packaging Machine 2012?.
Innovation is the main focus of the international German Packaging Award, case which is awarded in five categories under the patronage [...]

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