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Nestle could open new production facilities

15 Dec 2012

nestle range

Nestle is reported to be seeking a site for new production facilities in western Poland.  The multinational already has nine factories in Poland manufacturing various products including breakfast cereals, recipe confectionery, desserts, baby food and mineral water.
According to Polish financial daily Puls Biznesu, this plant would be located somewhere between Kalisz, Wrocław and Poznań.
Nestle [...]


Pudding war comes to a close

25 Jul 2012

paula dr oetkler

A court in Germany has ruled that Aldi did not copy the packaging and products from Dr Oetker.  The former produced a vanilla and chocolate flavour dessert called Flecki featuring a cow on the packaging which Dr Oetker alleged was copied.  In turn, Dr Oetker accused the discount retailer of copying its Paula desert.
The dispute was labelled the ‘pudding [...]