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Products Needed

Dedorant packaging needed

7 Apr 2014

Roll on solution for deodorants required in Poland.
Please use contact form.


Garnier introduce new packaging for deodorant

24 Mar 2014

rpc2014.039 Bramlage Deostick pic 1

Garnier Mineral range of women?s and men?s deodorants has introduced new packaging, healing rx   designed by brand owner L?Oréal and featuring attractive curved lines and a wide body for easy handling.
The deo stick is injection moulded in polypropylene. It is finished in white in a slender design for the women?s deodorant while the [...]


Unilever reduces propellant in deodorants

18 Mar 2013

lindal sure - compressed aerosol

Unilever has introduced “compressed” deodorants for its Sure, order Dove and Vaseline brands.  The company claims that they use 50% of the propellant, treatment are half the size in ml but give consumers as much protection power as the larger packaging. 
Presumably the company is gambling on its customers continuing to use the [...]