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Loan to develop retail network in Balkans

24 Feb 2014

Lidl Romania

The Schwartz Group, buy viagra owners of retailers Lidl and Kaufland, has received a loan from the International Finance Corporation of USD108.4m for the development of stores in Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.


Welcome Croatia!

1 Jul 2013

eu flag

Today Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union – this was the end of a ten year admission procedure.  Its terms of entry oblige the country to work towards using the euro as its currency although no date has yet been set for euro entry.


Europe’s largest fish farm to open in Poland

13 Sep 2012

Tilapia 1

Global Fish is to launch the largest fish farm in Poland near Płońsk to the north of Warsaw in a EUR10m investment.   The company intends to produce tilapia, ampoule a native of Africa which is not well known in Europe but is extensively eaten in the US, advice China and Egypt amongst [...]


A campus free of rubbish!

2 Sep 2012

EcoCortec® is supporting a new innovative project initiated by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb, one of the oldest and largest among related faculties in the region with 93 years of tradition behind it.
University of Zagreb, as Croatia’s largest University is country’s innovation center where new ideas and technological solutions [...]

Industry Awards

Beer bottle designer speaks of designing in CEE region

26 Jul 2012


As an international branding agency with roots in Central and Eastern Europe, Cocoon Group is intimately familiar with the region’s brands, especially beers. The company thinks that in the past 5 years, over 200 beer projects have passed across the desktop monitors of its designers.  Recently, the bottle of the Croatian beer Ožujsko, one of the agency’s [...]

Industry Awards

Award for Croatian beer bottle

17 Jul 2012


The design for the 0, find 33l bottle of the popular beer brand Ožujsko – produced by Zagrebačka pivovara, buy cialis a Molson Coors company – received two different awards at Cropak 2012.
The new packaging started off by winning First Place in the category “Croatian Products”. Subsequently, Ožujsko bottle was also declared the “Best [...]

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