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International crime gangs use false packaging for garlic smuggling

14 Jan 2013


In 2010 China produced around  18.5m tons of garlic which amounts to around eighty percent of world production.  Most European garlic comes from Poland, pills Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Italy and France.  However demand in the EU is so great for cheap garlic that it has become a product for  which international crime gangs [...]


Advanced packaging not deterring cigarette falsification

31 Jul 2012

ronson cigaretttes

According to KPMG, recipe almost 6.7bn cigarettes sold in Poland last year came from illegal sources – either from smuggling or falsified products made in underground factories.  Around 55.6bn cigarettes were sold from legal sources.  This means that almost one cigarette in eight is not sold legally.
The cost of this is a loss of around EUR720m [...]