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Growth for pouches

12 Jul 2012

Demand for pouches in the US is projected to increase 5.1 percent per year to $8.8 billion in 2016, here driven by faster gains for stand-up pouches stemming from sustainability, prostate functional, and marketing advantages over alternative packaging media.  Unit demand is expected to expand 3.0 percent yearly to 90 billion. 
Burgeoning consumer acceptance [...]


Blister packs at fifty!

11 Jul 2012

blister pack

The first blister pack was introduced to the market 50 years ago. Today it is hard to imagine a world where unit doses of solid form pharmaceuticals are not available in this user-friendly format. So many advantages for the end-user have emerged and its most obvious benefit is that it is always clear how many tablets [...]


Drum making plant to open in Poland

15 Jun 2012

Industrial packaging producer Mauser is opening a plant in Poland to produce drums Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and 120- and 150-liter open top drums as well as 220-liter L-Ring drums.
?Expanding our activities in Eastern Europe is a major strategic step for us in the market. Especially, there as we see a growing economic impact [...]


Self adhesive labels increasingly used for home care products

11 Jun 2012

Self-adhesive products are already virtually universal in the Personal Care sector. The merits of pressure sensitive products versus wet glue have long been accepted for premium products ? shelf appeal and creative design options have won the day.
The Home Care segment has started to follow suit, cheap thanks in no small part to the [...]


Anti glug feature added to plastic drums

5 Jun 2012

Ecostacker pic

A new generation of user-friendly large plastic containers that incorporate a totally new and unique anti-glug feature has been introduced. This plastic drum range has been developed to overcome key ecological, sickness transport, patient handling and pouring issues that have previously been associated with large containers.
Of major significance is the Safepour? anti-glug system. [...]

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