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Russian construction slows down

19 Nov 2013

moscow high rise

As indicated by the results of PMR’s latest report, “Construction sector in Russia H2 2013 – Development forecasts for 2013-2016”, Russia’s construction industry is projected to ease its annual expansion pace to 0.3% in 2013, down from the 2.4% growth seen a year ago.
The Russian construction industry has recorded a significant slowdown over the past [...]


Romanian construction industry not showing growth

31 May 2013


In 2012 the construction industry managed to remain basically flat in real terms (just 0.2% decline). During the first half of 2012, the Romanian construction industry showed great promise, with recovery fuelled by the unusually warm winter, some encouraging corporate results from Q4 2011 and Q1 2012, and the improving business sentiment among developers.
However, the [...]


30 micron bio based film introduced

3 Apr 2013

DSM Engineering Plastics, applicaties

Royal DSM, see the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, viagra sale announced today that its development partner MF Folien GmbH in Kempten, Southern Germany, successfully introduced a new polyamide film, which is based on DSM?s bio-based EcoPaXX? polyamide 410.
MF Folien is a producer of polyamide film, and has been DSM?s development [...]


Construction projects declining in Poland

21 Jan 2013


The number of construction projects planned declines in most of Poland, prescription with the reduced number of road building projects exerting the strongest impact.
Mazowieckie and Pomorskie are the regions where the average growth in projects planned is the highest. Lodzkie, cialis Zachodniopomorskie and Warminsko-Mazurskie are at the opposite end of the spectrum from [...]


Still opportunities for bulk bagging in CEE region

9 Jan 2013


A number of companies have invested in bulk bagging in the CEE region in recent years.  This may have been opportune, viagra buy cialis as whereas the construction market has been declining in many western European countries for the past five years or so, in central and eastern Europe it is stronger.  
Between [...]


Cement production in the CIS region to grow by 14% in 2012

1 Aug 2012

cement ukr

The majority of the CIS member states have overcome the consequences of the 2011 global economic crisis. GDP of every member state rose last year. Overall, patient store compared to 2010, sovaldi sale construction sector output grew in 2011. The government?s role in the construction sector has increased significantly. To stimulate employment [...]

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