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Compostable plastics may not harm recyclates argues study

20 Jan 2014

PET bales recycling

Up to 10 percent compostable plastics mixing with conventional plastics in post-consumer recycling streams show no or negligible impact on the mechanical performance of the recyclates. This is the key finding of a meta-study published by European Bioplastics.
Bioplastics are biobased, compostable, or both. Biobased plastics films are chemically identical to their conventional counterparts and are [...]

Food and beverage

Coffee roaster opts for compostable pack

15 Oct 2012

Farmer First Coffee Hi Res

Pistol & Burnes, a Canadian coffee roasting company, has introduced a fully compostable pack, for its Farmer First brand, incorporating cellulose-based, NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films.
The Fair Trade, organic coffee is packed in a paper bag laminated to transparent NatureFlex™ film.  According to Roy M Hardy, President, Pistol & Burnes, “Most roasted coffee sold in the [...]