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Melitta changes packaging system

12 Jul 2012


Global coffee specialist Melitta has opted for a new packaging system, and is offering its coffee flavoured milk drinks “Wake” in 250 ml carton packs. The beverages are available in Toffee, Mocca and Chocoberry (white chocolate and strawberry) flavours.
Ready-to-drink coffee drinks are becoming more and more popular. And with good reason – not only do [...]


Green coffee based drink being offered by Starbucks in Poland

11 Jul 2012


In an attempt to move away from coffee, troche Starbucks is to introduce a green coffe based fruit drink in 19 countries including Poland.  The drink is packaged in metal for those wishing a take out.


Caffe Nero to enter Poland

5 Jul 2012

caffe Nero

Caffe Nero, capsule site buy cialis one of the largest coffee chains in Europe, sovaldi established a joint-venture with Green Coffee, a Polish network of cafe bars according to market analysts PMR. The first establishment under Green Caffe Nero logo is due to open on Unii Lubelskiej Street in Warsaw. The [...]

Food and beverage

Organic tea wrapped in compostable materials

3 Jul 2012

Lebensbaum Earl Grey

A compostable cellulose-based material has been chosen by Lebensbaum, check decease pills to pack its range of organic teas.
Founded in Germany in 1979, viagra Lebensbaum is a pioneer in the production of organic tea, recipe coffee and herbs. The company?s success has been built on a combination of pure tasting [...]


Lid warns if coffee is hot or cold!

30 Apr 2012


A rather odd ‘smart’ lid is becoming available in Europe. The manufacturers claim that this lid shows the temperature of the coffee and in theory should warm the drinker if the coffee is too cold or too hot. As recent articles in this publication have shown, the food service business is growing very strongly but [...]

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