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Coffee house expansion in Poland come could to an end

22 Nov 2012


The growth of coffee shops in Poland may come to an end next year as the VAT on coffee purchased in such outlets will increase from the current eight percent to 23 percent.
Although none of the major chains have yet said what this will do to prices, advice it is unlikely that they will [...]

Food and beverage

Coffee roaster opts for compostable pack

15 Oct 2012

Farmer First Coffee Hi Res

Pistol & Burnes, a Canadian coffee roasting company, has introduced a fully compostable pack, for its Farmer First brand, incorporating cellulose-based, NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films.
The Fair Trade, organic coffee is packed in a paper bag laminated to transparent NatureFlex™ film.  According to Roy M Hardy, President, Pistol & Burnes, “Most roasted coffee sold in the [...]


Soft can system enters production

5 Oct 2012


In 2007 the Cyclero ‘soft can’ system came onto the market.  As a ‘can’ it is very light and after use can be squashed up to be quite small for disposal.  The can has had some success in South East Asia where it has now gone into production, yet despite its size and trendy looks, [...]


Polish food exports may change brand names but keep the same packaging

6 Aug 2012

Prince polo classic

According to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, ambulance Polish food products are becoming increasingly popular abroad – and are instantly recognisable by their packaging even if they do not always use the same brand names as in Poland.
One example quoted by the Polish daily is that of Prince Polo, a chocolate covered wafer.   Its [...]


Retailer launching chain of coffee shops

17 Jul 2012


Retailer Jeronimo Martins has opened two cafes in Poland, shop following a pattern that it is now trying out in Portugal offering both sit down and take out drinks.  The company is already the largest grocer in Poland under its flagship Biedronka brand.
Jeronimo Martins is using the brand name of Kropka Relaks in Poland.  [...]


Hungarian food retail sales increase

13 Jul 2012


Food retail sales increased by 6% in value terms and by 1% in terms of volume during the December 2011-May 2012 period, malady cheap in comparison with the same period one year earlier, according to Nielsen and reported by analysts PMR. During the last six months the total value of retail sales amounted [...]

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