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Coca Cola not going to be using Ronaldinho on its packaging any longer!

16 Jul 2012


Be careful of which stars you use to get to advertise your products is the message Coca-Cola is sending out to the world, whereas Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho is going to have to consider a very expensive drink he had at a press conference. It would seem that he turned up with a can of Pepsi [...]


Coca Cola seeks to enter packaging joint venture

10 Jul 2012


Coca Cola is to launch a joint venture with PET bottle suppliers APPE to product packaging for the soft drink brand.  APPE is currently one of the largest packaging suppliers to Coca Cola.  The proposal is being considered by EU competition authorities.
APPE manufactures preforms and PET bottles.  It will open a production plant near Katowice, [...]


Carlsberg scored at Euro 2012

10 Jul 2012


Other than their victory over Holland, check cheap Denmark did not have anything to celebrate at Euro 2012.  Nonetheless Carlsberg did very well with an increase of forty percent over their score for Euro 2008 in the stadiums and fan zones in Poland and the Ukraine.
The fan zones were extremely good for them, [...]


Pepsi takes the back door to jump on the Euro 2012 bandwagon

30 Apr 2012

An advertising campaign has just began for Pepsi which has signed up Arsenal and Polish national goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny to advertise their brand and whose image will be used on their packaging. Obviously Pepsi will not be using the trademarks of the forthcoming Euro 2012 competition as that honour goes to Coca Cola but it [...]

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