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Coca Cola to pack drink in cartons

5 Dec 2012


Coca-Cola is to pack its Dobry juice range in Russia in carton board.
?Russians like and value innovation, prostate ? said Pierre Philippenko, stuff Marketing Director, pills Multon, a unit of Coca-Cola. ?I?m confident that Dobry consumers will like Dobry juice in this new and more convenient package.?
Consumer research conducted in Russia and Spain in [...]


Coca Cola to invest EUR35m in Poland

23 Nov 2012


Coca Cola intends to invest over PLN150m (EUR35m) in the development of its infrastructure and customer service operations at its plant at Radzymin near Warsaw according to the Polish portalspozywczy.pl.
Despite the slow down in the economy, find malady Coca Cola believes that it can strengthen its position as leader in the soft drinks [...]


Coca Cola releases sustainability report

11 Nov 2012

coca cola Serbia

Coca-Cola has issued a sustainability report in which it claims that since the beginning of the century it has reduced the amount of calories per serving by nine percent annually whilst backing sports events (such as the recent Euro 2012 held in Poland and the Ukraine), made significant charity donations, aims to be water neutral [...]


McDonalds and Coca Cola have anniversaries in Poland

19 Jul 2012

coca cola wroclaw euro

19 July will be the fortieth anniversary of Coca Cola in Poland whilst McDonalds would have celebrated its twentieth anniversary last month had the date not competed with Euro 2012 so the company moved its celebrations to September.

Whereas Coca Cola entered Poland under the former socialist regime, no rx McDonalds waited until it was [...]


Major opportunities for ‘light’ products in CEE region

18 Jul 2012

nestea light

Whereas in the UK ‘light’ drinks make up nearly half of all those sold, in the CEE region it is closer to one in eight.  Nonetheless, not long ago it was closer to a rarity to see lower calorie products and there is clearly a trend here. 
Coca-Cola for example is about to introduce in the [...]


Increased interest in dropping in bioplastics

17 Jul 2012


Positioned on the fast track, pilule a certain group of the bioplastic material family has decisively raised the interest in the renewable industry during the last two years ? the drop-ins. Drop-in bioplastics are biobased or partly biobased non-biodegradable materials such as (partly) biobased Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Why drop-ins? Because these [...]

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