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Call for food packaging to contain sugar warning

10 Mar 2014

coca cola sharing can

Increased demands are being made for sugar to be labelled with warnings on product packaging as cigarettes are as the the World Health Organisation (WHO) urges people to reduce their consumption by half to a 12 teaspoons per day.  The problem is that people do not usually realise where their sugar is coming from.
The effect [...]


Coca Cola to attempt new environmental goals

22 Jul 2013

coca cola wwf

Coca-Cola has announced that working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), sick it will attempt new environmental goals which include the further development of its bioplastic bottle and an expanded global partnership.
?At Coca-Cola, nurse we are deeply committed to working with partners to address our collective environmental challenges and responsibly manage the planet?s [...]


Coca Cola believes that there is a future for the sharing can

14 Jun 2013

coca cola sharing can

Coca-Cola Company successfully introduced a ‘sharing can’ in Singapore and is now considering offering it to a wider market.  The can works on the principle that it looks like a normal 0.33l can but it can be divided in two.
The company believes that this type of can will be popular amongst consumers although it was [...]


Coca Cola on drive to reduce packaging

26 Mar 2013


Coca-Cola is trimming down its packaging for cost and environmental reasons.  Now forced to recycle part of its packaging, click it makes sense to use less.  At the same time the company is investing encouraging its consumers to be more environmentally aware when disposing of used bottles.

The company realises that a large part of [...]

Industry Awards

Worldstar granted to Coca Cola contour bottles

11 Jan 2013

coca cola world star

A Worldstar Award from the World Packaging Organisation has been given to the team who produced the Jean Paul Gaultier Coca-Cola contour bottles. The limited edition containers had already been honoured in 2012 with trophies from Starpack, malady Best of Metal (MPMA) and The Cans of the Year Award 2012 (The Canmaker).
WorldStars are presented only [...]

Food and beverage

Russia to crack down on high calorie food

10 Jan 2013

McDo Sochi

The Russian health ministry is planing to take steps to combat what it sees as unhealthy food.  This will include fast food networks as well as products such as chocolate, prostate fizzy drinks and crisps.  Plans were revealed at the end of December which would reduce the amount of advertising allowed for these products [...]

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