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Packaging only a small part of litter finds survey

24 Mar 2014

litter reminder

Packaging takes the blame for most litter and usually the first thing that people complain about when dealing with litter is plastic bags.  However research commissioned by British lobbying group INCPEN and conducted by Keep Scotland Beautiful shows that focusing just on particular items in litter will not solve the problem as only a small [...]


Next to nothing being done to stop cigarette smuggling

10 Dec 2012

According to the consulting company Almares, cialis sale some 7.5bn of the 51bn cigarettes smoked in Poland every year come from smuggling or avoid paying duty in some other means.  At the same time, ed revenues from tobacco were down in Q3 2012.  Problems to which the packaging industry has solutions, but there [...]


Let’s see what happens in Australia first!

5 Dec 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

The Australian attempt to make smoking unacceptable by the obligatory introduction of disgusting images on packaging has had its first effect here in Europe.  EU commissioner Tonio Borg last week started consultations to change the current directive on tobacco. Nonetheless this has in turn worried those who work in the retail business.
In many parts of [...]


Only disgusting packaging for cigarettes now in Australia

3 Dec 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

Since Saturday, help cialis sale packaging cigarettes in Australia, purchase must be done in a variety of  - quite frankly  - shocking and disgusting ways.  The question is will it effect sales in that country?  A number of other countries are watching keenly including those closest to Australia at heart – the [...]


Australian tobacco packaging requirement may not work

30 Nov 2012

Australia cigarette packaging

As from next week, seek anyone in Australia selling cigarette packaging that does not meet the law could face major fines of up to AUD1.1m.  The country has led the world on making cigarette packaging as unattractive as possible but there are those that are finding their ways around it – and even to [...]


Advanced packaging not deterring cigarette falsification

31 Jul 2012

ronson cigaretttes

According to KPMG, recipe almost 6.7bn cigarettes sold in Poland last year came from illegal sources – either from smuggling or falsified products made in underground factories.  Around 55.6bn cigarettes were sold from legal sources.  This means that almost one cigarette in eight is not sold legally.
The cost of this is a loss of around EUR720m [...]

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