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Constantia Flexibles Labels Division rebrands

10 Apr 2015

Labels Constantia

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has rebranded all of its operating units Constantia Flexibles. The historical business names including Grafo Regia, look Haendler & Natermann (and Constantia Label), rx Novis, Sim?Edit, Spear, CM Labels and H&N Suzhou will continue to be used as site designations, but the company name and brand message is Constantia [...]


Non eaten food is world’s third largest greenhouse gas producer

16 Feb 2014

mcdos burger

The carbon footprint of worldwide food losses and food waste amounts
to the equivalent of 3.3 giga tons of CO2 emissions. Compared to the
CO? emissions of individual countries this volume ranks third among
the world?s biggest greenhouse gas emitters after China and the
USA. What this means in concrete terms is that the greenhouse gas
associated with the production, [...]


China refusing contaminated plastic for recycling

21 Aug 2013

China refuses dirty plastic

China has been taking used plastics for some time which are then recycled into other products.  However recently with more and more countries seeking to get rid of their unwanted collected plastic, cheap healing pharmacy ask China is getting more fussy and has begun to refuse dirty and contaminated plastic which [...]


China likely to become leading consumer of bottled water

20 Aug 2013

danone products

According a new report by Canadean, hospital packaged water consumption in China continues to skyrocket. In just seven years China has doubled its share of the global packaged water market, cialis sale and by the end of 2013 is forecast to topple the US from the leading position.
With under a two billion litre [...]


EU puts anti dumping measures against China

5 Jun 2013

eu flag

The European Commission has decided to impose punitive tariffs of almost 12 percent on imported Chinese solar modules and their core components (i. e. wafer and solar cells). In the first instance these protective duties will be valid for two months. During that time negotiations with China are intended in order to find a solution. [...]


Illegal logging destroying Russian forests

22 Apr 2013

Siberian tigers

Illegal logging in the Russian Far East, thumb seek some of which could be imported into the EU via China in various forms of packaging, treat is pushing forests and species in the region to the brink of destruction, a report by WWF has found.
Large-scale illegal logging, mainly to supply Chinese industry, [...]

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