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Pork sales increase in Russia following price drops

29 Jul 2013

cherkizovo meat

There has been a massive increase in the sales of pork in Russia, at least that is the case if the sales noted by one of the countries largest meat producers are repeated across the board.  Cherkizovo, saw an increase of fifty percent in pork sales whilst chicken sales increased by four percent in the [...]


Large packaging is cheaper! Or is it?

11 Nov 2012


Many of us will buy goods in large packages because we believe it to be cheaper.  Even though single serve packaging may make more sense, order automatically we reach for the largest packet.  This has a number of disadvantages such as over eating or waste generation, site yet we allow the thought of [...]


Poland now leading chicken producer in EU

15 Oct 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo Chicken infeed

In 2012 Poland has become the leading producer of chicken in the EU. This growth is largely thanks to the growing export market.  
Last year Poland passed from third place to second and this year it has overtaken the UK – formerly the leading producer in the EU.  Around 1.5m tonnes of chicken were produced [...]


Demand for chicken growing strongly in Russia

9 Oct 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo Chicken infeed

Demand for chicken in Russia is growing strongly, viagra so strongly in fact that major price increases are likely to follow on from the thirty percent hikes already witnessed over the past two months.  

Despite increases in production and major investments in chicken production, cialis supply cannot keep pace with demand.  Russian importers [...]

Food and beverage

Quorn launches a new range of ready meals

17 Sep 2012

S&R Foods has started producing a range of meals for Quorn in Tikka Masala and Mexican Chilli varieties using a Swedish packaging technique which is for microwave preparation.
?This innovative food packaging format has both enhanced the quality and the shelf-life of the Quorn ready meals, search whilst remaining free from preservatives. Since launch the [...]

Food and beverage

Multihead weigher working at packaging chicken pieces

8 Aug 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo CCW chicken on RFT

Despite operating in a harsh food packing environment, cialis a  multihead weigher is achieving excellent accuracy and reliability on IQF chicken pieces at the ?rs factory of Danpo, hospital one of Denmark?s leading poultry processors and part of the Swedish food group Krongf?gel Holding.

The Ishida CCW-RS-214/70-WP-LONG weigher is handling a variety of frozen [...]

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